Teatime-Collective (merienda entre amigos): Merienda entre amigos is a joint exhibition combining a broad range of design disciplines including product design, furniture and lighting as well as graphic and illustration among others. Founded in 2008 “merienda” is a Valencia based studio, whose aim is to enjoy work and be creative. Their main focus is set on product-design alongside graphic design, but they (and their friends) are also into other disciplines like video or animation.

The exhibition was set in the heart of Ruzafa in a location called i loft vlc (a former bakery shop). the place was very inspiring, with a beautiful courtyard, which is actually known as “la boulangerie”. There was still some old machinery left, dating from the time, when the place was still a lively bakery.

The “Valencia Design Week”, a vibrant exhibition platform, is part of the core event “Feria Habitat Valencia”. The event represents a great opportunity to check out the latest offerings from Valencia based designers. The reputation of the event is growing rapidly due to the strong social and cultural interest.